Topics Covered 

Part One

-        Input New Leads (including correct categorizations)

-        New Lead Management

-        Efficient Phoning

-        Appointment Setting (and editing)

-        Editing Candidates

-        Task Creation and Management

-        Dashboard Management

-        Tear sheet Optimization

Part Two

-        Creation of Nominators, Events and Organizations

-        Internal (FR/Staff/Leadership) and External (COI/Candidate) Referral Management

-        Inputting and Updating Goals

-        Note and Appointment Template Utilization

-        Candidate List Filtering

-        Day to Day Scenario Role Play

Part Three (3-4 weeks after initial training)

-        Reporting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

-        Quietfile Management

-        **Data Clean-up as needed

Other Details

The initial session will be 4 hour group session followed by a 30 minute individual session to be scheduled at a later time.

There will also be an additional group session at the end of the month to ensure reporting accuracy, daily habits implementation, and answer any remaining questions. 

*Total Training Time per participant is 6.5 hours.