When summer is over people with careers in hospitality are more open to a career conversation. They are looking for similar things that other candidates are; the opportunity to be in control of income, the flexibility of her schedule, and stable environment (not having to travel and move around so much).

Search your LinkedIn and your CRM using the following titles: Account Manager, Asst. Branch Manager, Branch Manager, Asst. General Manger, General Manager

LinkedIn Message Language-- Targeting Women

Subject Line Suggestion: Shattering the Glass Ceiling

“Hello! I came across your LinkedIn profile and I am impressed with the career success that you’ve developed within the hospitality market. I am sure you are wondering why someone in finance is reaching out regarding a career opportunity. I’ve discussed career opportunities with select hospitality professionals here in the area. They tend to appreciate that the career provides the autonomy to establish your own schedule and offers an environment for deeper coaching and mentorship. A career with NM means you’ll never have to work on holidays or miss out on important life events. The hospitality professionals who have career transitioned in the past several months have gotten off to a fast-start because of their client-focus mindset. I’d like to connect with you to discuss your career progression and ambitions to see if they align with our trajectory at Northwestern Mutual. When is a good time for us to connect?”

Email or Phone Language

“Hello! This is {Name} from Northwestern Mutual. I have met many individuals like yourself that are seeking the opportunity to grow professionally and climb to the next level. A career with Northwestern Mutual allows you the opportunity to apply the many skills that you have developed over your career in hospitality, including leading others, sales and marketing, financials and more. I’d enjoy the opportunity to meet you to discuss what a career could look like with Northwestern Mutual. I know driven, successful professionals tend to be open to a conversation. When is a good time for us to connect?”