Active Candidates in LinkedIn network:

Step 1: Search “Seeking New” AND “Sales”

Step 2: Connections>> 1st & 2nd 

Step 3: Location >> Insert your local connection

Step 4: Identify mutual connections and ask for introduction

Step 5: Once introduced- conduct a brief phone call or meeting and then make an introduction to a recruiter

Language for 1st connection:

“Hi Jonathan, we have been connected for a few years now and I notice you are looking for a new opportunity.  Our firm is growing and I am personally looking to add two new people to my team. What is your availability this Friday afternoon for a brief conversation?”

Language for an introduction to a mutual connection:

“Hi Lauren- I notice we have a mutual connection in Jonathan Roybal. Jonathan is looking for a new career opportunity and our firm is growing. I would love to reach out to Jonathan and introduce myself. Would you mind making the introduction? Thank you,”