Flip the Script

Question: Do you ever get contacted by people through LinkedIn who are trying to sell you something OR trying to Recruit you?

Answer: YES! We all do! Let’s flip the script on those people and help them understand the power of this career!


Response Message if NOT interested in what they are selling:

“Thank you for reaching out. I am not interested in {XYZ product} at this time but do have something I would like to talk to you about. Great sales people are always open to new opportunities and based on your LinkedIn profile you are someone our firm would like to talk to. Would you be open to a brief conversation about a career opportunity? I certainly think it would be relevant and worth your time.”


Response Message if YOU ARE interested in what they are selling:

“Yes, I would like to learn more about {XYZ product or service}- Let’s set up a call. On another note, you seem like a great sales person and during our conversation would love to spend a few minutes introducing you to a career opportunity you may find meaningful and relevant…..{send time and day to meet}”